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Sing and Sway with Rhye at the Vic on Saturday

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Music from Rhye evokes the the mood to slip into something slinky and take slow sips of the smoothest 12-year whiskey your money could buy. The coupling of Canadian singer Mike Milosh’s androgynous lilt with the mastery of Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal adds up to sultry jams that make you want to sway with your eyes closed.

Free Show: X Ambassadors and Metropolis Coffee Team up “JUNGLE”-Style

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by Marisa Ruiz (@MarisaVictoria)
X Ambassadors brought us gritty foot-stomping hit “Jungle” in the summer; and now they’re ringing in fall with a special acoustic performance for FREE at the Block Thirty Seven Pedway on Wednesday, 10/15th at 1:30 PM. In a perfectly timed partnership, those who come to the show will be among the first [...]

Chromeo Brings the Funk for the Fourth Time

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by Kristi Lira (@KristiLira)
You have to respect a group that stays true to themselves and attributes their success to staying hungry. Chromeo treats every album like it’s their first; and when the EDM scene was blowing up, these guys embraced the movement, but still kept in line with their dance pop roots. The duo of [...]

Make it a Feel-Good Friday with Augustines at Double Door

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By the end of their set, their shirts will be soaked in sweat; and your entire self will feel cleansed by the most revitalizing bath of tequila, tears and triumph imaginable. That may sound grimy but you’ll like it; trust me.

Free RSVP: Celebrate Dusek’s & Punch House’s One-Year Anniversary with No Age

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by Marisa Ruiz  (@MarisaVictoria)

If the idea of Kentucky Fried Lobster, specialty beer and a rousing free show from LA punk duo, No Age doesn’t get you off the couch on October 12th, then you deserve to stay at home with your frozen Home Run Inn pizza. Concert venue Thalia Hall, restaurant/bar Dusek’s and lounge Punch [...]