The Hood Internet’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Awesomeness

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by Junu Phillips (@bopcitybeats)

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Due to a site glitch, this review is being posted later than initially intended. Still wanted to share word on how great it was so that you can plan to go to next year’s Anti V-Day bash!

February 14th has a reputation of bringing as much anxiety as it does excitement for most folks. For guys, its a fury of questions… Where should I buy flowers? What kind of flowers should I buy her? Are roses played out? Are tulips in season? Should I order us an Uber? Where should I make dinner reservations? EFF, I forgot to make dinner reservations! The list goes on…

For some of us, the sad bastard types… Valentine’s Day is a holiday that we despise. Nothing like an annual reminder that you aren’t dating someone, which results in driving you to drink lots of wine and watch chick flicks in the comfort of your own home. Alone.

Fortunately for the single population, The Chicago Reader (along with WBEZ) have provided a solution to these days of despair. For the 3rd year, The Reader has sponsored an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. This year, The Logan Square Auditorium played host to over 400 person crowd for a night filled with laughter and lots of dancing.

2ndstory led the charge with the “Best Bad Date” V-Day stories that were told before and after the performance from the Black Belles. Nothing supports the anti-romance cause more than hearing an entire IM chat filled with LOLs and winky-faces. The Windy City Rollers derby girls were in the house, hand delivering love notes for several concertgoers. (Or maybe they were anti-love notes??) There was even a bit of a burlesque show that got peppered into the mix. Strip-tease? Yes, please and thank you. I looked around, and thought… “Where the hell am I, and how am I just finding out about this party now???” The place was thumping with great energy, which was the perfect foreplay prior to the headliner – The Hood Internet.

What’s great about The Hood Internet is their ability to mashup music without bastardizing it. For a society made up of a large A.D.D community, they can hold your attention better than Girl Talk. Songs aren’t changing every 10 seconds… Each track is a beautifully mastered tune that usually lasts at least 2-3 minutes (which is a lifetime in the DJ world). With each song transition, the crowd cheered and the dance floor was a sweaty mess. My favorite blend of the night had to be Mayer Hawthorne vs. M83. Get the track for free right here. Three of the party people were wearing full body cardboard computer cut-outs as they danced on the stage and in the crowd.

Between the burlesque babes, the amazing music and all the morally casual behavior, ┬áit was quite the scene. Probably the scene where *I’ll* be seen every Valentine’s Day moving forward.

Stay up to date on all of The Hood Internet’s kick-ass mash-ups here.


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